Friday, 9 October 2009


I didn't post yesterday. That was poor. My mistake.

I didn't forget. I just didn't do it - I was busy doing Maths.

But I recognise the importance so will try not do it again.

Ok what to write about in Economics?

I have been reading about lethal gas being stored under villages. This is a good example of externalities isn't it? The storage (by the government affecting others (the villagers) and maybe even killing them.)

This whole idea of pollution and the treatment of it is an interesting one. Whether to use permits, taxes, advertising, fines, subsidies etc - or maybe all of them.

In that vein I went ot the site to look at the Five Term Paper suggestions. It's a mess to read owing to the advertising, but the Kyoto Protocol section is good. Enough resources there to make you read ahead and round your subject.

I also liked the Economic Impact of SUVs as this is Transport which is paper 3 - IF I decide to do the A2 level in January!

So, in terms of actual chapters: not much.

In terms of 'further reading round and of the subject' - a lot.

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