Sunday, 4 October 2009

My schedule

Firstly, and most importantly, I have to check my blog links every day. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. I must also comment on other blogs where this is relevant.

Secndly I am starting with OCR Economicss by Bamford but as I am doing A2 then I will also support what I read with the other two textbooks.

My plan is:

Finish chapter 1 by 8 October.
Chapter 2 by 13 October
Chapter 3 by 1 November. (This is a harder chapter as it is also part of A2 so i want to make sure that I understand everything in it.)

Chapter 4 by 10 November
Chapter 5 by 14 November
Chapter 6 by 1 December

Maybe I won't keep to this but this is the plan. I will also be doing regular mock exams (in my own time - probably on Sunday.) Chris is giving me a weekly test in a sealed envelope and I do this to time (my first tutorial was this morning and I do the test this evening. It's basic apparently as I am only just beginning.)

I am going to do my exams at Greene's College - the closing date is here. If I have not made up my mind about this I can always enter as late entry - it's expensive but it gives me more flexibility.

I am not sure whether to do A2 in January - this would give me experience but maybe my grade would be low. I may enter anyway and if I decide not to do it then I simply will withdraw. At least by entering I will keep my options open!

Probably the most important document I have is the OCR syllabus. I am spending this afternoon looking round the OCR website as by learning about the syllabus and the site I can be better prepared.

So - by the end of today:

a. revise my initial notes
b. do my first ever mock!
c. read through the syllabus
d. try and skim read various chapters
e. download and learn the mmap programme

Busy day!

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