Sunday, 4 October 2009


Somone emailed me about my 'strategy' of taking exams until I pass well. Something about Universities knowing how many sittings it took and how this would go against me.

That's rubbish - unless applying to Oxford/Cambridge.

I went to Tom's blog and saw a link to a discussion at The Student Room.

"No, the only uni that looks at UMS at the moment is Cambridge. You don't have to declare your AS results, but I think they'll assume they're not very good if your referee doesn't mention them in your reference!"


"and my schools policy is to not let us put our AS results, they only put our predicted AS and i think mine will be AABb and my A2s will be AAAb/AABb"

As I am doing AS and A2 in one year my UCAS Reference will be my predicted grades for June 2010. Jan 2010 will not even be mentioned.

The Telegraph said:

"The good news, and it is good news, is that redemption is possible. That B can quickly be converted into an A, that U into a C, if you are prepared to swallow your pride, buckle down and resit the papers. Think of it as taking a second driving test after failing the first one. It is a nuisance, but the prize is worth it."

Also look at the best answer here.

So if re-sitting the whole A level is fine then re-sitting AS is also fine. It seems obvious to me that the more times I take something the greater the chance of a higher grade - but this is all too early for me for A2.

But I am definitely taking all my AS levels in January!

* Note to Chris - it's costing me all this money so I'd better do well!

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